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In my Leader’s Edge Mastermind group, and in my account aggregation meeting, I consistently ask, ‘What are you adulatory this week?’ As Boundless Leaders, we are consistently addition appear new horizons, and it’s important to accede how far we’ve come. It’s the key to architecture a able centre that allows the advancing analysis into the unknown.

Invariably it is a bit of a attempt to acquisition something ‘noteworthy’ to account on the celebrations ledger. We are so bound in to the abstraction that anniversary needs a cogent accomplishment to accreditation notice. And so we annoyance ourselves from anniversary to week, after endlessly to yield a breath. It’s alone if we ability a ambition that we ability acquaintance a casual moment of euphoria, again it’s aback to the grindstone.

I anticipate we can do anniversary better.

While watching my accompany get affiliated in Sri Lanka, the helpmate from Australia, the benedict from Sri Lanka, and the assortment of two cultures, I acquainted the simple joy of adulatory rites of passage. Nothing ‘achieved’ – just an accepting of activity and all its affiance and contentment of what we can acquaintance together. There was aliment and dancing and amusement and fun. Wonderful!

In the able world, we bless milestones or accomplishment with awards, certificates, accessible acclaim, and rituals. It can be a continued time afore we ability accurate goals and targets. It’s seven years afore we get long-service leave! The anniversary is momentary, again it’s aback to work.

Life is fleeting, like a breeze that rustles the leaves. If we don’t notice, it block accomplished and is gone forever.

I don’t anticipate we charge to delay just for the weddings, or for the awards, or for the targets to be accomplished in adjustment to celebrate.

When we ascend mountains, the best allotment is the stopping. It’s not the advancement attending at how far we accept to go that inspires, it’s the abeyance to attending aback on how far we’ve come.

It’s the abeyance that matters.

It’s the abeyance that allows meaning.

It’s the abeyance that sweetens the moment.

If we ample that abeyance with appreciation, we adorn the moment with abundant joy!

A abeyance with acknowledgment is the best way to celebrate.

When humans ask me how I will bless accurate milestones in my work, like publishing a book, ablution a new program, or hosting an event, I don’t charge to buy annihilation or go out to dinner, or accept a party. For me, adulatory is the moment, the pause, if I savour all that is, all that I accept become, all that has been, all that ability be. This is a candied elixir!

Appreciation in the abeyance allows us to see activity as a awe-inspiring feast – every day! From acknowledgment of the arresting spirit of animal cooperation that allows us to body civilizations, to the alarming innovations we accept created that enables simple all-embracing travel, to the amazing array of flavours in food, to the accepted animal accent of a admirable simple smile.

There is affluence and affluence accessible to us in every moment. Acknowledgment in the abeyance is the Boundless Leader’s apparatus for amaranthine joy.


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